About the Golf Course

New Ownership

Under new ownership, Willow Tree has undergone a transformative phase that brought significant upgrades and renovations to the golf course. Formerly known as Bear Creek Golf Club, the course now boasts a fresh and enhanced experience. 

The primary mission of the new ownership and management group is to excel in customer service, and they are dedicated to providing exceptional experiences not just for local golfers but also for individuals with varying interests, including non-golfers, at different levels.

The new ownership group has invested in revitalizing the fairways, greens, and facilities, like the pro shop & patio to create an even more inviting and exciting environment for golfers. One remarkable addition to this revitalized golfing destination is “The Balcony Cucina,” a brand-new restaurant and bar.  These improvements have elevated Willow Tree’s reputation as a premier golfing and dining destination in the region.

Course Design

In 1975, Rene Muylaert, one of Canada’s most accomplished golf architects, undertook the transformation of the existing 9-hole course into the stunning 18-hole facility it is today. The tree-lined fairways that trace the winding course of the Sydenham River provide a broad selection of intriguing holes, catering to golfers of all skill levels.

Established back in 1914, Willow Tree is a fully mature 18-hole golf course that offers a diverse range of captivating holes. The fairways are bordered by trees, following the meandering banks of the Sydenham River, making it a challenging experience even for the most seasoned golfers.